1. Existenţa unei specii necunoscute de hominizi, confirmată cu ajutorul inteligenţei artificiale
[Cu ajutorul inteligenţei artificiale, o echipă de cercetători spanioli a identificat în genomul persoanelor asiatice amprenta unei specii necunoscute de hominizi, rezultată din încrucişarea neandertalienilor cu denisovanii şi care s-a combinat în urmă cu mii de ani cu omul modern. Cercetarea confirmă că această încrucişare a fost generalizată şi că a avut ca rezultat o specie hibridă, care s-a combinat cu omul modern.]

2. Five Discoveries That Made 2018 a Huge Year for Neuroscience
[There was the dazzling array of crazy neurotech: paralyzed patients shopped and texted using an Android tablet with just their brain waves; BrainNet let three people collaboratively play a Tetris-like game using their thoughts; a first memory prosthesis boosted recall in humans; and brain-controlled robotic limbs could know their location in space or even add a “third arm” in able-bodied people.]

3. How artificial intelligence can help us make judges less biased
[As artificial intelligence moves into the courtroom, much has been written about sentencing algorithms with hidden biases. Daniel L. Chen, a researcher at both the Toulouse School of Economics and University of Toulouse Faculty of Law, has a different idea: using AI to help correct the biased decisions of human judges.]

4. Ten robotics technologies of the year
[Ten exciting robotics developments and technologies, ranging from original research that may change the future of robotics to commercial products that enable basic science and drive industrial and medical innovations.]


 Despre impactul inteligenţei artificiale asupra viitorului omului



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